San Diego County: Just Moved, and I Didn’t Register Yet. Can I Vote?

Voting in San Diego County

Big news! You can still vote, even if you missed the October 22, 2018 deadline!

If you are an eligible voter in California, your vote will still count, even if you haven't registered prior to election day!

Learn How

I just moved, and I didn’t re-register yet

  • You can update by re-registering here or by submitting a paper registration form. You will also find this form at the Registrar of Voters office, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), most libraries or city clerk offices
  • You must completely fill out the new registration form
  • If you have already given notice of your new address to the DMV or U.S. Postal Service, your voter registration will be automatically updated
  • If you moved – within San Diego County – 14 days or fewer before an election, you may go to your old polling place, your new polling place or to the Registrar of Voters office to vote