San Diego: Why Do I Have To Vote By Mail Instead Of Going To A Poll?

Voting in San Diego County

Why do I have to vote by mail instead of going to a poll?

If there are 250 or fewer registered voters in a precinct, you may receive a mail ballot and a notice that there will be no polling place for your precinct in the upcoming election.

Voting by mail is simple and gives you more options for casting your mail ballot. They are:

  • By mail well before Election Day
  • At any of the multiple mail ballot drop-off locations across the county during the week before Election Day
  • At the Registrar of Voters office
  • At any poll on Election Day. Contact us and we can give you the addresses of polls near you
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Any registered voter may vote using a vote-by-mail ballot instead of going to the polls on Election Day. You can also bring your vote-by-mail ballot to your polling place, and use it as a guide to fill out a ballot in person. You can request a vote-by-mail ballot for a single election or for all elections (permanent vote-by-mail voting).